The following image shows the installed Print-cut system


The PRINT-CUT System is high precision Guillotine Backguage Positioning System that can be installed in most industrial paper or metal cutting guillotines. Using our own control systems with their years of proven history for accuracy and repeatability. See here for a list of kits available

  • Graphic display Controller

  • Air Table Control

  • Programmable Loop Qty Per Line or Program

  • Name and Recall Programs

  • Manual Electronic Jog

  • Label Mode

  • Knife/Clamp/No Cut Control

  • Qwetry Key-pad

Most importantly, it is easy to install and use! with the majority of installations taking 1 to 2 days depending on the options selected.

This is a complete servo control system with all cables pre-made and with industrial connectors for easy, fast and reliable installation. The system is fully tested as a kit before leaving our factory to ensure all you have to do is mount the parts, plug the cables in and connect up to the electricity supply. The kit includes the servo motor with an encoder mounted at one end and a toothed pulley mounted on the output shaft. Installation of the motor is straightforward as we provide a mounting bracket with the motor which is then fixed to the back of the machine close to the leadscrew. TRM can also machine the leadscrew pulley providing we are supplied with the dimensions for the leadscrew and keyway.

Electrical installation is also straightforward and requires only mounting the controller and electrical cabinet,  positioning the sensors using the brackets provided, then  plug the cables to their corresponding socket on the electrical cabinet. If the Jog Wheel option has been purchased, this would then need to be mounted and plugged into it’s corresponding connector. This then allows the user fine positional control of the cut position. An adjustment can then be stored as an offset to use on the next batch if required.

If  the machanical  parts of the machine are in good condition, the accuracy that can be expected with this system is 0.01 mm. A controller with electrical system and all cables are provided in this system to and easy installation with mini mal parameters to set up. Full details of what’s in the kit can be found on our page here

we also provide Fail-Safe Knife controllers with hand safety barrier beam sensors integrated with the knife controllers to provide safe and seamless paper cutting

These Knife control systems are fully retro-fit-able and compatible with any Paper guillotine machines with many safety features integration in no time. This is a highly secure System which provide a robust and safe paper cutting experience.