Servo controllers offer industry-leading resolution and stability for precise, jitter-free control of your RC
servos. Unique features include separate speed settings for each servo, the ability to turn servos off, and advanced mapping of low-resolution commands for optimal range and resolution. We strongly recommend our new servo controllers over our first-generation serial servo controllers


serial servo controllers with features such as a numbers of Programme Save options internal pulse command based closed loop control. Whether you want the best servo control available with high clock resolution with built-in speed and acceleration control and high frequency pulse rates or a general I/O controller (e.g. to interface with a sensor, this compact, versatile device will deliver. This fully-assembled version ships to your doorsteps

Serial  servo controllers also offer Retro-Fitting facilities to be installed as per the user requirements
Touch-Screen can also be used as oprating panels to provide ease of opretions with some add on
features like USB interface etc.These Human Machine Inteface panels are available in different size
and make for complete user satisfaction.

Following picture dipicts the Retro-Fitting Model Of our Servo-Controller:


Servo-Controller has a wide range of application in different industrial environments where positioning and accuracy is a big concern for production like in: