With Mechanical and Software Engineers working together we have designed aunique machine integration to provide inspection and control of printed labels or printed web in pharmaceuticals, food or Flexible Packaging Industry  The customized software’s and electronics with mechanical integration helps in dedicated application development.In house development of software’s and use of advanced optics helps in complete development of the machine vision application solutions.

The design concept is to incorporate a full web Camera Inspection System with specific  Variable Data as 1-D, 2-D Bar Code software designed to work in a fully reversible  Verification for linear and other modules can Doctor Rewind Machine. be done. There are several different sizes of inspection  Subsequent faults are repeated as the reel width starting from 250mm with different winds from the Unwind to the Rewind. Resolutions of camera 2K, 4K, 8K and 12K Line scan cameras over high speed of paper web  The system will inspect parts for print up to 300 Meters/min position, print quality ,transparency and dirt.